At last the Hello Stranger Project took place last Saturday (11th December) in the Pop Up Shop Show we had been organizing. This show was part of the first project done in the MA in Communication in ESAD Matosinhos in Porto. So this was my contribution and this is how it worked:

1. Firstly you choose a postcard.
2. Then, you wrote a message on it. You could make a drawing, write a suggestion or just say hello.
3. Then you had to fill a new card with your personal details and take a receipt that guaranteed your participation in the project.
4. Last thing was to put the postcard in the mailbox and wait until you receive a postcard from a stranger!

So here are some photos from the day of the Pop Up Shop event that took place at Lófte. The space was great and many people came to see the different shops. Hope you like them!

4 comentarios:

  1. oh! como me gusta! yo tambien estoy esperando a mi stranger:)
    publico una entrada con el workshop, si quieres las fotos de tu proyecto dimelo;)

  2. Me parece una idea genial! Deberías adaptarla a internet!

  3. por un mundo un poco menos strager!